At Chico-Leland Stanford Lodge № 111 we are dedicated to the belief that the Fraternity is a society of thinkers, and that all brothers in Freemasonry are seekers of Truth.  One of the many ways we try to assist our brothers in the exercise of the mind and the search for Truth is through our Masonic Education nights, a proposed ongoing series of guest lectures exploring Masonic symbolism, history, and other aspects of our Craft.  In order to share this education with a broader audience, we will be recording many of these lectures, which you may view by clicking on one of the PDF lecture slides or videos below when they come available.

The Scottish Key. An Investigation into the Origins of Freemasonry.
An enigmatic and mysterious topic, subject to allegations and fantasies of all sorts. Spread across the globe, this discrete and mysterious association has been a source of curiosity, fascination and suspicion for over 300 years. Today Freemasonry gathers several millions of people throughout the world.
Protected from the outside world, from which they isolate themselves for the length of an evening, Freemasons meet in lodges and there develop a peculiar spirituality. How was this movement born? Are its origins veiled in secrecy? Even amidst its own members, few know the actual beginnings of Freemasonry. The lodges themselves have forgotten from whence they came.

A film by Tristan Bourlard and François DeSmet. SimonGo! Productions, 2007

Masonic Etiquette (from the Masonic Roundtable)


Veiled in Allegory and Illustrated by Symbols - Presentation by Chris McClintock, PM, Grand Lodge of Ireland


Ben Franklin's Views on Masonry and America - Courtesy of Temple Lodge 676