Why be a Mason?

If we do not believe within ourselves this deeply rooted feeling that there is something higher than ourselves, we shall never find the strength to evolve into something higher.
— Bro. Dr. Rudolf Steiner

Masonry offers the opportunity to make each man better through its teachings, his Masonic associations and a philosophy that has served the social needs of men for over 300 years, by promoting:

  • Tradition: when you become a Mason, you become part of ancient tradition that spans centuries. From the original stonemasons that produced some of the most majestic architectural wonders of Europe to modern day Masons who participate in numerous charitable foundations, you’ll feel connected to a vital, growing and spiritually uplifting organization of moral men;

  • Self Improvement: learning portions of the Ritual and participating in the Degree stimulates the mind and, coupled with committee work and lodge management, presents the opportunity to develop leadership and organizational skills, build self-discipline through commitment, poise and self-confidence, and strengthen presentation and public speaking proficiency;

  • Sense of Accomplishment: participating in lodge projects, be they charitable or social in nature, provides the opportunity to contribute, work with others and enjoy the success of effort well expended;

  • Fellowship: Belonging to a like-minded group: the modern work environment and the isolation caused by our internet dominated lives has reduced or eliminated social association with co-workers and potential friends; joining with lodge members in a fraternal atmosphere can substitute for that former workplace and societal fellowship lost;

  • A Break from the Monthly Workaday Routine: Masonry brings together in lodge men of diverse backgrounds, where the daily pressures of a career can be left outside the door and where fellowship is the common theme.

Like everything else in life, when you become a Freemason, you will receive from Freemasonry what you put into it.

As Masonic Brothers of the Chico-Leland Stanford Lodge № 111, in Chico, CA, we are part of the world’s largest and oldest men’s fraternity. Our traditions are founded upon the virtues of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Good men of every social background, religion, and ethnic origin continue to value these traditions, which this country’s founding fathers held so dear. The tradition of Freemasonry is, above all else, an initiates order, whose main purpose is to teach good men to subdue their passions, become masters over themselves (their egos), and grow in life to be better men to their families, friends, colleagues, neighbors, communities, and nation. With this said, it is clearly the expectations of its members to set the proper examples for our new brethren in the “craftsman” trade.

In this short inspiring movie, Ben Franklin explains what it means to be a Freemason. This has not changed for over 300 years.

Today, many come into Masonry knowing more than those who have been members for some time, because of all of the information in books and the Internet. However, they lack the grounding in history and the actual modern mystery school experience you will only find in lodge NOT on the Internet, which would bring Freemasonry to life for them. Young and older men seem to perceive Freemasonry as a venue for truth seeking, self-improvement, and inner spiritual development. This is all true. You might say it has become a quest for the discovery of one’s inner potential. Our new brothers know what they want from a fraternity and have high expectations that their lodge will meet their needs as men. That is why it is important, as members, that we live up to our responsibilities and attend its functions to set this example properly; at least without causing hardship to yourself or family.

Any man approaching the Craft today does so to supplement and add to what his faith, family, and education have already given him. A certain tugging at his soul speaks to him to seek a deeper meaning in life, in family, in spiritual-cultural life, and in a Supreme Being. He researches and desires an initiation into the esoteric and ancient quest for Truth, one that has been part of humanity for over 10,000 years.

How to become a Mason

Described as the "first great light," the Holy Writings (volume of sacred law) provides a link to Freemasonry's historical beliefs. This video documentary short, produced by the Masonic Grand Lodge of California and the Henry Wilson Coil Library and Museum of Freemasonry, offers new insight into one of Masonry's most treasured three great lights.

Membership is open to men ages 18 and older who believe in a Supreme Being (whatever that might mean to you personally. Those aligned with a particular religious system will find that Masonic Lodges are open to ALL.) and meet the qualifications and standards set out by the lodge and Grand Lodge of California. Men of all ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds are welcome. Freemasonry does not discriminate or involve itself in religion or political discourse.

One of Masonry's traditions is that we do not solicit members. Men must seek membership on their own initiative. When you're ready to join, you can complete the Contact Us form on this page or call us. Our lodges secretary will contact you regarding membership. Our response will usually be within 24hrs during weekdays. We may use any of the options you provide (email or phone) to contact you. Or you can follow the steps below:

  1. Contact the lodge to schedule a visit during an event, at which time you can request a membership information packet. Look at our calendar and note the dinner and stated meeting every second Tuesday of the month which is a good time to visit and meet people.

  2. When you have talked with several brothers over a couple of meetings and completed the petition form included in the packet, it must be signed by two Master Masons who recommend you for membership. You will have met some Master Masons at the lodge events. You can also contact the lodge secretary (Bro. Sid Crane) for assistance.

  3. Return your application and the specified application payment. The application goes to the Grand Lodge of California for background checks. The lodge will then schedule visits in your home with selected lodge members to discuss your application and to answer you and your family questions. Your application will be voted upon at the next lodge meeting.

  4. You will be notified of your acceptance as a candidate for the degrees of Freemasonry, and you will receive instructions about the three degree ceremonies. The degrees explain Freemasonry and give you the opportunity to experience the Masonic initiatic traditions and fellowship. We suggest you go to the Education page to learn more.