The Great American Eclipse - Storymap

2010 Eclipse as seen on Eastern Island

2010 Eclipse as seen on Eastern Island

Check out this great storymap on The Great American Eclipse:

The path touches ONLY the mainland of the United States. The last time this happened was 29 July 436.

In esoteric terms, Bro. Dr. Rudolf Steiner in the early part of the 20th century had this to say:

A solar eclipse is ‘the physical event behind a significant spiritual reality’.  On a normal day when there is no eclipse, the rays of the Sun penetrate down to the earth, meeting and mediating the rays of human will streaming out into the cosmos. At the time of a solar eclipse, since all the ‘unbridled impulses of human will’ are not met by the Sun, they are able to radiate out into the darkness, ‘surging out into universal space in an abnormal way’. An eclipse acts like a ‘safety-valve’ to provide an outlet for human-cultural pressure that has been building up; it is an opportunity to blow off steam- to avert the danger of a more catastrophic explosion. 

Well it can certainly be said that there is a lot of hot air in America right now, and that the pressure is building up. Perhaps we can try to see this as a gift from the cosmos/GAOTU, like the grace an illness can bring to help foster our spiritual growth. It may be wise to view this as good news; that this safety-value is going to help blow off some steam!

Enjoy the Great American Solar Eclipse tomorrow Brothers!