April Schools Month: Help a Classroom in Chico


We are partnering with the Adult Community Classrooms at Chico and Pleasant Valley High Schools.  Their purpose is to provide an environment in which young special needs adults, aged 18 to 22, can continue to learn and develop independent life skills that will help them in their personal development outside of a classroom setting.

The lodge secretary working with Bro. Glenn Story, is accepting the following donations for these classes based on their needs:

  • Clorox Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Kleenex’s
  • Fruit Snacks

Please consider purchasing these items (the Dollar Store is a good place) and bringing them to the lodge for donation.  The lodge has also donated $50 to each classroom to help them in their efforts.

Every April, the Masons of California and communities throughout the state celebrate Public Schools Month. This year, the theme is “Together we make a profound difference for public education.”

Gift card presentation to Pleasant Valley Adult Day Class by WM Darrel Hunter with Bro. Glenn Story who started the classroom adoption project.  Also picture of the community garden the kids build and use and maintain.