Paper or Online?: Consider the Trestleboard's Cost - Go Digital!

Welcome to the 21st Century!

Dang we are already 19 years into it, so….. websites and email are the rule of communication these days. With that said we would like everyone that receives a mailed paper Trestleboard to consider switching to reading it on this website and receiving it by email.

Here is the kicker if you want it sent to you by email then the lodge secretary has to have an email address on file. If you do not have an email then you can go on this website, even with your cellphone. The calendar will be updated on the website OR if you are a member WHY have you not signed up for the lodge cellphone app? Get it downloaded here and follow the instructions. Members Only.


Do your lodge, your community and our ONLY planet a favor and contact the lodge secretary, Bro. Sid Crane, and tell him you no longer need the mailed Trestleboard.

Contact Sid by phone: 530-893-3171 or email: