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The term, "Masonic Benevolence," encompasses a wide spectrum of the acts of Brotherhood. It is a traditional example of "the Masonic Way. " The first recorded act of Masonic Charity is found in the minutes of The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) No. I of December 27, 1729. "And lastly The societie upon applicon from one David Mitchell a poor distrest journayman mason appointed Henry Wilson their former Warden to give him three pounds Scots and to take credite therefor in his accompts."

Since that time Masonic Lodges throughout the world have dispensed charity to poor and distressed Brethren and extended it to their widows and orphans. Charity contains the lubricant and the cement of life. It is an essential ingredient of Masonry. It has been said that "the Masonic Way is to give without remembering and to receive without forgetting."

Please consider choosing one or more of the following donation categories, one at a time, to make charitable contributions to:

  • improving your lodge or

  • supporting the two largest Grand Lodge of California Masonic charities covering support and relief for members and their families and maintaining the two retirement homes;

  • or public education through childhood literacy programs and university scholarships for aspiring students.

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