Special Presentation: Grand Lodge of Iran (in Exile)

Golden Compasses Research Lodge

Presents an Evening with

The Grand Lodge of Iran – in Exile

Come and join us for an informative evening when we will discuss Masonry in Iran and the history of the Grand Lodge of Iran- in exile, the social and political environment of Masonry in Iran and how it compares the Masonry in the United States

Saturday August 20th
ALL Masons and their spouses or significant other are invited

5:00 pm
Social @ Natoma Lodge #64, 1000 Duchow Way, Folsom

6:00 pm
Catered Persian Dinner

7:00 pm
Introductions by MW John Cooper, III, Past Grand Master of Masons of California

$20 per person, Please RSVP, Casual Business Attire

David Lagala, PM, Junior Warden GCRL
1980 Driftwood Circle, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Tel: 916-834-1290


The Grand Lodge of Iran, established in 1969 in Tehran, existed in the country prior to the Islamic Revolution of 1979, hosted membership from various political figures, including former prime minister Jafar Sharif-Emami (who served as the lodge's grand master at one point), and branched to 43 Lodges and at least 1,035 members.

Since the Iranian Revolution, Freemasonry has been banned in Iran; a "Grand Lodge of Iran in Exile" is currently established in Los Angeles, although it holds meetings in Massachusetts, where the local Grand Lodge approved its practice in 1985.

Persian Freemasons received in March 1985 the approval of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts to conduct Masonic activities in Boston. In the present they have Masonic Lodges in Washington D.C., France and in California all under the Persian Grand Lodge (in Exile).

Here is an interesting article on Freemasonry and Sufism which is the esoteric form of Islam and still very important in Iran. http://freemasoninformation.com/2009/09/freemasonry-and-sufism-two-roads-and-one-destination/