Thank You on St. John's Tide

Dear Brothers,

Last Saturday we had a very productive work day here at the lodge.  It was pretty warm but not as hot as it had been.  We got a lot accomplished on the west side, limbing those unruly redwoods.  They were no match for Mike Johnson and his chainsaw.  Special thanks to Mike Caprealian for providing a lunch of hot beans and wieners.  Mike also took care of our accumulated brush which was considerable.  As previously stated Rob Peters provided the needed tools and equipment tomake the various jobs easier.  Norville was able to make mincemeat out of the stump thanks to the stump grinder procured by Rob.  While those of us with lesser expertise took care of the grunt work outside Fritz and De’Ondre did an incredible job of cleaning the vents in the banquet rooms.

All in all it was a great day with a very good showing of our membership.  Please give a special thanks to the below listed brothers for their efforts.

Angelo Volpato, Rob Peters, Bob Swithenbank, Norville Weiss, John Barneson,  Fritz Zanker, De’Ondre White, Mike Johnson, Sid Crane, and Mike Caprealian.  We also had a couple of applicants who showed up and helped, Glenn Story and Brett Kimball.  If I forgot to mention somebody, I’m sorry.

Sid Crane

Asst Secretary

Chico-Leland Stanford Lodge No. 111