Saint John's Celebration at the Los Molinos Masonic Family Center


Saint John's Celebration/Dinner - to honor Saint John the Baptist (one of Masonry's Patron SaintS)

Date:    Saturday, June 30th

Time:    Starts at 2 pm

Hosted by:  The Tehama County Shrine Club, Vesper Lodge and Los Molino Lodge


The celebration starts at 2 pm with a no-host bar, followed by a seven course dinner (interspersed after each course with a toast and a shot of wine).  Toasts are to various dignitaries such as the POTUS, Grand Master, Potentate and others.  After each toast the shot glass is slammed to the table in a symbolic firing of the cannon.  After the dinner, WM Mark Smith (Vesper Lodge) will provide cigars to those who wish to join him outside for a cigar.  This is a fun event and will be a great time for Masons and their Ladies to mix and enjoy fellowship.

Cost:  $35 per person

Tickets:  May be obtained by contacting Mark Smith (530) 215-8864; or, Dean Cofer (530) 736-1832; or, John Gumm (530) 526-1301.

Proceeds will be sent to the Sacramento Shrine Hospital for Children.


Dean Cofer

Secretary Molino 150; President Tehama Co. Shrine Club